• enthusiastic, skilled, experienced
  • all hold University degrees in education
  • ESL experience teaching in Canadian schools
  • licensed by the province of Saskatchewan to teach

Director  Laurel Irving Piot_colour

  • Prairie English Camp is under the direction of Laurel Irving Piot.
  • Laurel holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in teaching and is a nationally and provincially recognized award- winning school principal.
  • Laurel is on the senior administrative staff of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.  She has been a school principal for 20 years and is an experienced ESL teacher.
  • Laurel is married and has two school-aged children.

The Director is responsible for the learning program at Prairie English Camp.  The Director, along with camp staff, plans all activities.  The Director does the administrative work of the camp and is also a camp Teacher.


Activity Director

The Activity Director works with the Director and Director of Student Services to plan and deliver the afternoon cultural/activity program.

Activity Director – Dave Piot

David Piot is the activity director.

David is a former teacher with ESL experience.

Cultural activities include visits to national and provincial historical sites, museum, library.


Sarah Piot

Sarah is 17 and will be going in to grade 12 in the fall.  She plays piano, flute and bass clarinet and is an honours student.

Sarah Piot

Sarah Piot


Mary Piot

Mary is 15 and will be entering grade 10 in September.  She is an accomplished athlete in track and field, volleyball and basketball.

Mary Piot

Mary Piot

Landon Garrison

Landon is 15 years old and will be going into Grade 10 in the fall. Landon is an excellent athlete excelling in wrestling and football. He attended the Saskatchewan Winter Games as a wrestler.

Landon Garrison

Landon Garrison

Ariana Faul

Ariana Faul – Ariana is an honours high school student going into grade 12. She enjoys music and being with her family.

Ariana Faul

Ariana Faul


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