Airport Picture(All together)


3 responses to “Airport Picture(All together)

  1. 오늘 아침 호준이 덕에 전화를 못받았어. 섭섭했겟네.
    다시 할땐 꼭 받을게.
    힘들지 않구 재미있게 지내구 있니?
    첫 캠프는 끝난거 같구 이젠 메일도 좀 보내구 블로그도 볼수 있구 할거 같은데….
    시간날때 메일주라.
    잘 지내구. 필요한거 있음 알려줘.

    • Hi mom!=) I miss you sooooo much. I’m good (except mosquito XD) and our korean friends are soooo kind and awsome(?).:-) I made some Canadian friends and I got their E-mails and their adress. Their so kind to me. …But the one of Ms.Piot’s daughter friends is a boy. so I’m thinking about his present.but their so kind. I love fresh air,some trees and grass in canada.
      SEE YOU ^~^ Abby

    • Hi mom:-)
      I’m good. I made some Canadian friends, and I get their E-mail adress.
      Their so kind and nice.
      I’ll call you later.
      Bye, Abby
      P.S, there’s no Korean key pads ;( I’m sorry.

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